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Beauty for All: The Future of Prestige at Mass

By: Alison Aidlin, Elizabeth Del Pozo, Devin Homsey, Anahita Mekanik and Liza Rapay
Posted: August 26, 2011

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Localizing. Content in the right context. Localize the message by integrating the use of geo-fence marketing tactics to segment and target the RIGHT customer. Using retailer customer databases, prestige brands will be able to “fence-off” geographic areas to send messages to customers who opt-in to their service. Starbucks is implementing this tactic in select locations and customers who come within a one-mile vicinity of the store will get a coffee coupon. Geo-fence can be arranged near an event or location that is related to the brand/store.

Personalizing. For prestige to engage in mass, we propose delivering personalized messages for complimentary limited services. Using customer profile databases, the brand can send a targeted message to loyal customers in select locations based on gender, ethnicity, age group, profession and interests. And to increase retention, a personalized customer care message could be sent post event.

In beauty we envision, Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa Services being offered to customers in select locations through Groupon for an exclusive time period. This promotion would only come to life when the qualifying number of customers pre-purchase the service.

Maximizing. Our approach in beauty will maximize resources and reduce risk. Prestige brands would set the parameters and qualify the criteria to receive the discounted service. Aligning resources, the prestige brand will bring its expertise and the retailer will facilitate the popup event. This allows prestige to engage in a mass environment while protecting its cachet and price point.

Engage with Pop-up Activity

Prestige comes to life in mass through a calendar of pop-up events, a beneficial value proposition for the brand, retailer and customer.