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Grow Through E-commerce

By: Mark Pierce, MarketLive
Posted: January 20, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Neutrogena, for example, clearly states its brand value proposition in the global header of its website with the tagline “Complete acne therapy system. #1 Dermatologist Recommended Acne Kit.” Throughout the site, Neutrogena educates its customers with compelling visually designed content that clearly shows it’s a complete solution and how it works while addressing key purchase barriers. Neutrogena also backs up its promise in the form of customer video testimonials, clinical results and the recognition and awards it has garnered from consumer beauty publications.

Bliss, a premiere beauty spa and multichannel retailer, delivers on its brand promise, “We’ve tried and tested so you know we can be trusted,” using a brand voice that’s uniquely sassy and self assured. With merchandising promotions like “No Zit, Sherlock” and informative entries from their “behind-the-scenes spa-thority” blog, the brand’s tagline, “from our spa to your skin,” is reinforced with expert advice directly from their own estheticians and well packaged product and content on how to replicate spa treatments at home.

Another winning strategy: Creating theme-based product classifications that help shoppers find the right solutions. Skin care brand NeoStrata allows shoppers to browse products by skin type and by specific beauty concern along with the option of seeing what products other customers favor in its best sellers category. The Neutrogena SkinID site goes one step further, guiding shoppers through a self-evaluation tool to match them to the perfect regimen of products that address their specific acne problem.

Merchandise the Solution and Promise—Not Just the Product

Shoppers seek solutions to their beauty dilemmas; they don’t necessarily know which product will fit their needs. Successful merchants tailor their merchandising and content to this solution-oriented shopping behavior. They clearly state product benefits, and include customer results, testimonials or even clinical evidence to back up their claims as Perricone MD does consistently through email campaigns as well as on its YouTube Channel.

Content Drives Conversion and Loyalty

To help shoppers evaluate whether products meet their beauty needs, leading merchants supply comprehensive product information from a variety of sources—not just manufacturer information. These sources include reviews and ratings from customers. Perricone MD’s product pages have it all, with tabbed content presenting not only ingredients and specific instructions for application of products, but “Clinicals” (scientific results) and extensive reviews that allow customers to evaluate products on multiple criteria.