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The Changing Way Consumers Shop Online for Cosmetics

By: Ross Glick and Judy Shulman Brown
Posted: January 20, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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The key for an experience commerce mobile marketing initiative is to connect with consumers emotionally—and this is where I think traditional media always fell short. You may be touched, moved by a billboard. [But] 20 minutes, 20 seconds after you pass it, you probably forgot about it.

How often do you write down, “Wow, I saw this billboard with a toll-free number of brand X. I’m going to call and go find that store.” I mean, how often does that happen? Maybe in a magazine you tear it out and you put it in your pocket, but do you share it with a friend? Rarely.

So with mobile the billboard scenario becomes much more compelling: you’re walking down the street—and the digital billboard provides your mobile phone with an offer to opt-in for information on the store and discounts. The message reads that the store’s ten paces down on your left. It’s a bit Minority Report, but it’s happening.

Ross Glick is the CEO/co-founder of Indelible; Judy Shulman Brown is an e-commerce and digital strategy consultant. Based in New York City, Indelible is a full-service digital advertising agency and production studio specializing in experience commerce, narrative marketing and social media activation. Founded in 1999, the company’s portfolio of clients include Estee Lauder, Clairol, MAC Cosmetics, Chanel, Allergen, Shering-Plough, Sears, K-Mart, Sony, Casio, Viacom, Napster, Playboy, Esquire and Ladies Home Journal.