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Mintel Highlights the Beauty in Social Media Engagement

Posted: May 3, 2012

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In Britain today, an estimated 6.6 million adults (16%) are enthusiasts of beauty and personal care products. Around 12.2 million rarely experiment (sticking to what they know) and more than half (53%) fall somewhere in the middle. Although almost a third (32%) of the enthusiasts keep their negative thoughts and feelings to themselves, they do talk with their fingers and show the greatest propensity to show their dissatisfaction by unfriending or unliking a brand on Facebook. Some 25% of enthusiasts have unfriended or unliked a brand on FB when they wanted to express a negative feeling about a beauty or personal care brand.

“The Mintel Inspire trend ‘Collective Intelligence’ highlights the way in which the brand-consumer relationship has evolved from monologue to dialogue to roundtable ideation. A growing number of beauty brands have used crowdsourced images as a central point of their advertising campaigns. Furthermore, continuous access to the Internet means that people can share their instant reactions and emotions to the things that they see, hear and experience. Looking forward, this is likely to place more pressure on brands to ensure a good experience all of the time or to respond swiftly in instances where the brand has failed to meet customer expectations,” Richmond concludes.