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Young Men Love the Convenience of Buying Beauty Products Online

Posted: January 9, 2013

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Additionally, nearly half (45%) of men (aged 18–34) report that they would be more willing to shop online if websites had interactive customer service features like live chat, versus 32% of women of the same age. Furthermore, nearly one-third of consumers (31% men and 30% women) in the 18–34 group like to use mobile devices to research products once they learn about them.

Today’s consumers are still making the majority of their beauty purchases in-store for everyday essentials, with 87% of U.S. consumers purchasing shampoo and conditioner in-store over the past twelve months, 70% of consumers who purchased body lotion in-store and 69% body wash in-store.

However, when it comes to the most popular beauty products purchased online, it seems facial skin care tops the list. Indeed, one in ten (10%) U.S. consumers who buy online say they have bought facial skin care products online in the last year, followed by women’s fragrances (8%), male fragrances (7%), and makeup (8%).

“Facial skin care, fragrance and makeup are the most purchased beauty products online, which is a departure from the most purchased beauty products in-store. These products tend to be higher priced, making them more of an investment, and also have longer purchase cycles so consumers may not mind waiting a little longer for shipping. Online shopping also provides consumers with access to more premium and specialty items that were once only available to those who lived near urban areas or high-end shopping outlets,” Romanowski concludes.

It also seems that consumers shop online to find better deals. Among consumers of all ages who buy cosmetics online, 58% agree that if they find something they want in-store, they look on the Internet to try and find a better deal, meanwhile 38% like the idea of receiving coupons immediately on their smartphone while shopping in a store.