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Specific Needs Drive Technology

Posted: August 7, 2007, from the August 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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“Consumers respond to a variety of different things, and the most common are brand recognition, professional or personal recommendation and package appeal,” said Green. “A brand like Modern Organic Products appeals to the consumer that is conscious of the trend toward more environmentally friendly products that also provide a modern sense of style, while American Crew makes a bold statement with quality grooming products for men that are uniquely packaged to be masculine.”

The green movement continues to be one of the more dynamic trends garnering positive consumer response, as products appeal to lifestyles and social consciences. This trend has fostered brand stories that appeal to green consumers. Salons can also choose to market themselves as green, appealing to a specific consumer base through organic and natural menus and products.

Unique Retail Opportunity

Brand marketing in the salon arena may be similar to traditional retail, but the pampering experience within a salon can often be the deciding factor for a purchase. The entire ambience of the salon experience, supported by the efficacy of the products, encourages retail purchases and salon loyalty.

“Clients demand that their service and shopping arenas provide comfort and thoughtfulness to their needs. It is crucial for today’s salon to consider the products they sell just as important as the services they provide,” said Green. “These days, time is precious to everyone. And if the consumer doesn’t feel comfortable and can’t find the products they want easily, they will often not purchase products or services.”

As a result, the experience the products create becomes a major selling point for salons and brands. These consumers are willing to spend in order to achieve that relaxing encounter over and over again, but the products must deliver the expected quality and efficacy that triggers the appropriate emotional response.