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Consumer Confidence in Personal Finances Up, Though Consumers are Still Cautious

Posted: May 1, 2012

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In addition, consumers leveraged a wide variety of tools in Q1 2012 to find the best value:

  • 7% of shoppers are using retailer Web sites to make lists
  • 9% of shoppers are using the Internet to make lists
  • 42% of shoppers are making lists based on coupons
  • 49% of shoppers are making lists based on circulars.

Moms are Resourceful, Tech-Savvy Shoppers

For generations, moms have been teaching their families to “make lemonade from lemons,” and today’s moms are no exception and are tackling money-saving strategies from a number of angles. Because moms utilize new media quite extensively already, the influence of these technologies is notable. MarketPulse survey results show that moms over-index by a wide margin versus the general population across many social media activities. They are two-and-a-half times more likely than the general population to take recommendations/information from social networking sites or blogs. They are more than twice as likely to engage with smartphone applications, and they are twice as likely to react to mobile advertising.

“As the pool of tech-savvy moms continues to grow, the opportunity for CPG marketers and retailers that can connect with them across these various media will grow exponentially, too,” adds Viamari.