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Beauty Medic, Nomad and Gourmand: The Trends Impacting Beauty

By: Gattefossé
Posted: October 16, 2012, from the November 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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This trend features quasi medical results and "mix-it-yourself" solutions that offer alternatives to cosmetic surgery and other invasive procedures, and retailed products are increasingly using medical- or pharmaceutical-grade actives to deliver visible, measurable results. Products in this category often have simple and practical packaging, and use medical vocabulary and highly effective ingredients.

Gattefossé's market review of new product launches supports this claim, and identified a wave of new and innovative ways to approach technologically advanced cosmetic products with powerful claims.

The three distinct segments within this hi-tech beauty trend:

  • Surgery Like Treatments: These products are intended to have similar effects as cosmetic surgery. They often use vocabulary and packaging evocative of cosmetic surgery. Words like "lifting," "dermabrasion" and "plumping" are common, as is syringe-like packaging. Syringes commonly used the advertising for these products.
  • Ultra-High Efficacy Ingredients: This category is composed of products that utilize ultra-high tech ingredients that are often inspired by medical research. These ingredients are always highly substantiated, with proven efficacy. Serums are often seen in this segment.
  • Doctor Brands: The popularity of doctor brands continues to grow, with new lines being introduced to the market regularly. These brands are created by dermatologists or doctors and sold as "at home prescriptions." These brands tells consumers that it's possible to obtain the same treatment you would get in a dermatologist's office at home.


This category addresses a new generation of workers and travelers that readily transplant themselves to cities across the globe following the next big career opportunity and to a small but diverse section of society that lives and works in an urban area, yet does not rent, own or otherwise reside permanently in any one location.

More broadly, these urban nomads are a generation more open to travel for both work and play, looking to see the world and make their mark. Even when not traveling, urban nomads are busier than ever and always “on the go.”

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