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Beauty Medic, Nomad and Gourmand: The Trends Impacting Beauty

By: Gattefossé
Posted: October 16, 2012, from the November 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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A Google search of the phrase "urban nomad" brings up an astonishing number of results for products targeting this group—everything from wireless technology to flat pack furniture to boutique hotels. And, of course, since the urban nomad wants to look good while jetting from city to city or running from work to cocktails, a growing number of beauty companies are catering to this group, as well, making Nomad a key market trend.

The trend is strongly driven by packaging. We see a lot of products cleverly packaged to make them useful on the go. Examples include products packaged as easy travel bundles, new textures that can be applied without the use of an applicator, and products that come packaged with mirror and applicator all in one. We've also seen several large companies developing travel versions of their best selling products.

The trend has also manifested through beauty product vending machines, which are beginning to pop up in malls and airports. Sephora, The Body Shop and Proactiv are just a few of the companies taking advantage of this new channel of distribution.


Food continues to inspire beauty and links between food and beauty are numerous. Various references to the food industry by beauty products can be found, and three categories have emerged.

  • Gourmand Textures: Beauty products with textures that were previously only found on plates, with yogurt, soufflé, sorbet and jam found at the beauty counter. 
  • Gourmand Ingredients: Product developers incorporate traditional food ingredients as actives so they can bring the same benefits to the skin. There are numerous fruit and vegetable examples, and more luxurious lines are even using champagne and caviar.
  • Gourmand Treats: Inspired by process technology, there are many examples of products presented in siphons like whipped cream. There are also a number of products being served in retail locations in a manner to how products are served in delicatessens, with a large choice of products, and even a menu, to choose from.


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