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NMI Cites Trends for 2009

Posted: January 7, 2009

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Consumers are expressing a desire to eliminate anything toxic from their lives and seeking to control things that are within their sphere of influence: their relationships, their lifestyles and their bodies. With increased concern about environmental factors, the phenomenon of detoxification as a way to improve personal health is also growing and manifesting in everything from non-toxic consumer electronics and household cleaning products to spa detox and air filtration systems.

6. Not so alternative

From alternative fuels to alternative apparel, choices and options challenging the status quo across industries are being embraced. With the increased usage of alternative health care practices, physicians, insurers, employers and consumers are embracing a more preventative approach to health. And as consumers continue to search for solutions to global warming, business and government will accelerate the navigation of environmental sustainability. Will the status quo ever be the same?

Rather than simply evaluating consequences or treating symptoms, consumers are beginning to ask not only "what" but "why?". From increased interest in a company's supply chain—where materials come from and how they’re made—to a recognition that lifestyle, environmental factors, and issues related to vascular inflammation are the fundamental components of aging and disease, consumers are taking a closer and more informed look at the underlying causes of health and sustainability.

8. Beauty shop

A new definition of beauty is emerging, reflecting the growing awareness that beauty comes from the inside, transparent and timeless. This new appreciation for all things authentic is translating across categories including vintage clothing, classic cars and historic renovations. For personal beauty, it is reflected in the new status symbol of naturally looking good at any age without the aid of invasive procedures or plastic surgery.