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NMI Cites Trends for 2009

Posted: January 7, 2009

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Energy 2.0 reflects the emerging desire to conserve energy on both a personal and planetary level. Rather than squandering energy, people realize that their bodies, like the planet, are not an inexhaustible resource. This planetary health is manifesting itself on topics ranging from climate change to land conservation to renewables. On a personal level, consumers are demanding consistent and sustained energy for themselves. They are dissatisfied with the high/low spikes, but interested instead in healthier alternatives to caffeine and sugar.

10. Heirlooms

In all areas of consumption, consumers are choosing to buy less in order to buy better. This trend reflects a desire for products with greater meaning and, given the economic downturn, is expected to continue to grow across categories. Now more than ever, products that reflect a rich or unique brand story are perceived to be more valuable—from an evolving desire for heirloom, artisanal and varietal foods to treasures found on eBay—it reflects a desire for history, for legends and for legacies.

Look for more information and implications of these trends to be presented by NMI at industry events throughout 2009 and in their upcoming syndicated reports.