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Safety First for Baby Skin Care

Posted: August 28, 2008, from the April 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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While consumers are conscious of ingredients and packaging, they are often hesitant to spend large amounts for children’s skin care. “Parents are less willing to spend a lot of money on children’s skin care, so the large scale retailers are still wary of devoting a lot of shelf space for baby products. Most of the high-end baby products are sold in small boutiques,” said Geary.

To appeal to these parents, a brand must help them understand the bang they get for their buck; at the same time, a brand must be aware of the distribution channels that will match them with a consumer base willing to spend on this category. Brands can also create appeal through products that multitask, such as a shampoo that serves as body wash or bubble bath.

For a brand, being aware of customer needs and wants in this category is critical to long-term growth. As a result, a brand that markets its products for the whole family will appeal to consumers with price point concerns while expanding its market base. A consumer may be torn between ingredients and cost when considering personal care products for babies and children. Educating customers on the positive message and benefits of its products can help a brand to truly connect with its base and provide long-term growth.