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Safety First for Baby Skin Care

Posted: April 2, 2007

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A brand builds a relationship with its consumers by personalizing the shopper’s experience. For example, Love Me Baby Me’s founder Rosemary Anthony invested five years in product development, personalizing her brand’s story with her own experiences as a parent of a child with sensitive skin.

When a parent finds the appropriate product, the packaging must contribute to the consumer’s ease of use. Parents are looking for products packaged to fit the job of bathing children. “Mustela makes sure that the packaging of a new product is easy and practical to use for the comfort of parents, especially for bath time products, when the parent usually has only one hand to get the product as she is holding the baby with the other,” said Infusino. Packaging, while appealing to parents, must also appeal to children, through colorful statements and illustrations. Great packaging notwithstanding, the ultimate deciding factor for the consumer may be the price point.

Benefits for the Buck

While consumers are conscious of ingredients and packaging, they are often hesitant to spend large amounts for children’s skin care. “Parents are less willing to spend a lot of money on children’s skin care, so the large scale retailers are still wary of devoting a lot of shelf space for baby products. Most of the high-end baby products are sold in small boutiques,” said Geary.

To appeal to these parents, a brand must help them understand the bang they get for their buck; at the same time, a brand must be aware of the distribution channels that will match them with a consumer base willing to spend on this category. Brands can also create appeal through products that multitask, such as a shampoo that serves as body wash or bubble bath.

For a brand, being aware of customer needs and wants in this category is critical to long-term growth. As a result, a brand that markets its products for the whole family will appeal to consumers with price point concerns while expanding its market base.