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Male Grooming Continues to Grow

By: Datamonitor
Posted: March 11, 2009

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Findings from also showed that most men did not pay much attention to new products in the field of personal care. Coupled with the low engagement mentioned above, this suggests that many men will simply stick with what they know, without even bothering to check out alternative products in the marketplace. As shown in the table below, over half of all male respondents said that they did not seem to notice new products in cosmetics and toiletries. The equivalent figure for women was much lower at 28.7%, with 22.7% of females advising that they actively monitored new products in this category.

Many areas of male grooming are open to diversification, particularly when compared to the more mature female market. Skin care is the most valuable area of female personal care, but the equivalent male market retains a much lower percentage of the market. The signs of aging are a concern for many men, yet antiaging benefits are present in only a small number of male grooming products. The potential remains huge, but the industry has not yet been able to exploit this.

The personal and oral hygiene sectors are the most lucrative among men, illustrating the nature of the market, as both of these areas are regarded as a necessity. However, some men are not acting on their concerns in these fields through the use of personal care products. “While these categories are the most developed in the male market, the potential remains even here to grow sales in the future,” said Taylor.