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Mary Kay Expands Footprint; Products in India

By: Priyanka Bhattacharya
Posted: August 31, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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In the past five years the skin care market for men has seen major change. It started with a demand for products that were created specifically for male skin types. Now the market is moving toward a new skin care segment that has traditionally seen women as the target consumer—skin-whitening or skin-lightening products for men are now focus categories for major skin care brands in India.

Nivea was one of the first to enter this market, followed by Indian skin care company Emami. Recently, Garnier, too, launched a Garnier Men range—along with a campaign to push specific skin-lightening products, including moisturizer and face wash, to Indian men. Interestingly, this market segment has potential, as recent data given by Vaseline (which also has launched its skin-whitening range for men) states that about 38% of Indian men use fairness products—demonstrating a high growth potential. The market is expected to grow 25% annually in the next five years, according to a statement from Vaseline.

Vaseline Solves Male Skin Issues

With the men’s grooming segment showing tremendous growth potential, especially skin whitening, Vaseline, which until now has been focussing on body care products for women, has created a new male grooming range branded Vaseline Men. Under this banner, the brand has launched a whitening and spot-erasing cream, Vaseline Men AntiSpots Whitening Face Cream. And instead of pushing the products as simply a skin whitener, Vaseline is telling men that using the cream will help reduce dark spots and patchy skin, leaving behind a clear, fairer skin. The cream aims to reduce five different kinds of dark spots—sun spots, acne spots, pimple marks, freckles and dark patches. The new brand aims to make fairness creams a part of men’s daily grooming regimen.

H2O+ Revives Market Presence

During the past couple of years, marine-based skin care brand H2O+ was having a rough run in the Indian market. The company had to shut several shops and rework its retail strategy. However, the brand decided to strengthen its presence in the summer 2010 by launching a slew of new and innovative skin and hair rejuvenation solutions in the market—launching an array of bath and body products to cater to every skin type in the Indian market. The products range from milk-based shower gels, aquatic shower gels, almond bath products, lemon bath gel, guava flavored beauty products and marine shower creams. In addition, it has also launched hair care products—including marine-based shampoos, shampoos rich in milk constituents, marine and milk conditioner.

Commenting on the Indian market needs, the company’s CEO said that the products have been chosen to meet specific hair care and skin care needs of Indian men and women. To attract the customers afresh, the company plans to offer special deals on select products—especially its range of cosmetics and spa jumbo packs—toward capturing a better market share.

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