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A Look at Skin Care and Hair Care in China

By: Randy Wang, Project Manager, PCHi, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions
Posted: October 24, 2011

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A study conducted by P&G reported that 88% of respondents in Shanghai perceive their hair as damaged. The figures for Beijing and Guangzhou are 70% and 58%, respectively. These results concur with Euromonitor’s forecast that products with professional or cosmeceutical properties are likely to gain popularity, as consumers have a view that such products offer better results and improve hair health. Hair care companies should strike the iron while it is hot, by developing nutritional hair care products and marketing them as high-end goods.

Continued Growth

The China beauty market offers skin care and hair care beauty brand owners a host of opportunities. The country’s large population with increasing levels of disposable income indicate that there is indeed much potential for growth.

The demands of the Chinese consumer are ever-changing, and companies must be aware of what is popular amongst the people at any point in time. With proper knowledge, brands will be able to respond accordingly and achieve business success in the country.