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Chicago Emerges as Brand Hub

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: March 5, 2008, from the March 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Miglin’s products—skin care, cosmetics, fragrances and candles—focus on both men and women, but her fragrances are still her shining stars. Without many other fine fragrance producers in the Midwest, Miglin’s competition stems from the U.S. coasts and abroad.

“Travel is always necessary in order to stay on the cutting edge,” she says. “This is particularly the case with both Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, fine fragrances are not really produced in the Midwest, since the perfumers and fragrance houses are located on the East Coast. In addition, since the industry is primarily located there, this limits the number of events to attend. However, one of the pros of conducting business in the Midwest is that once you’ve proven yourself, the consumer will trust you and remain loyal. This is not always the case on either coast, where customers do not maintain such loyalty.”

Remaining true to her home state, Miglin utilizes local and regional suppliers for her creations.

“The Midwest offers a plethora of assembly and packaging suppliers—Kraft Chemical, Accord Carton, S&K Label, Delta Labs, Crystal Filling [and] Marcy Labs, among many others,” Miglin says. “Quentin Blone at Wingard is one of the best representatives we have.”

With years of networking and experience under her wing, Miglin has landed her products in department and specialty stores across the globe. She says she owes it in part to her Midwestern lifestyle, and apparently, Chicagoans agree.