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Chicago Emerges as Brand Hub

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: March 5, 2008, from the March 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Presenting an alternative spin on the primarily female-dominated beauty business, Perich—who grew up around his beauty-enthused mom and three sisters—is a cosmetic professional with a positive attitude and a line of playful, original products to back him up.

“Working with women on a daily basis [by] teaching them, transforming them and giving them back their confidence is the ‘pro’ [to the business],” Perich says.

The independent thinker who urges others in the industry to be pioneers, not followers, made waves when he founded his own cosmetic boutique in 2004. From his shop, he and his makeup artists educate women about skin care regimens and makeup rituals. “If a plant is dying or you want to keep it alive, what do you have to do? You have to keep the root full of hydration,” Perich says. “Add in minerals, and that plant peaks into its full potential. A mirror full of results does not lie.”
CAMP Cosmetics is available in several free-standing locations, online and through select distributors.

Paris Presents Incorporated
Chicago, IL

Each morning as you step into the shower, you eyeball your clean, white net bath sponge before enveloping it in soapy lather. It hangs on a hook beside your child’s pink and yellow Freddie Flamingo Razzable Animal Sponge—a testament to the gap in your ages and tastes. That gap is filled by Body Benefits by Body Image, maker of shower puffs, and Razz, which probably created your child’s favorite bath-time buddy. Both brands, and several others, fall under the umbrella of Paris Presents Incorporated, a Chicago-based company pushing toward the forefront of bath, body and beauty care accessories, nail care and beauty travel packaging.