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Marketing Matters: The Market Potential of Antiaging Cosmeceuticals

By: Liz Grubow, LPK Beauty Group
Posted: April 2, 2008, from the April 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Western culture rewards multitasking, and many consumers seek out all-in-one products. One such option that has met with success is Total Effects by Olay. The product fights the seven signs of aging with its VitaNiacin complex. An all-in-one product is certainly one answer. Perhaps there are other innovative opportunities in regard to how the regimen is dosed. Taking an indulgent/glamorous form is one option being embraced by several companies. Aveda has gemstone-infused Tourmaline skin care products that offer a glamorous option to combat signs of aging. In addition, there is a growing trend toward healthy indulgence products that appeal to females with a sweet tooth. The convenient and portable Viactiv soft chew contains 100% of the daily requirement of calcium with a unique blend of vitamins D and K. Two to three chews a day is promoted as easy to fit into one’s schedule and lifestyle. One of the reasons women embrace this product is because it is so much more appealing to eat two to three Viactiv chews (that are chocolate and taste good) daily than to pop some pills. According to research conducted by Business Insights, sweet flavors dominate the cosmeceuticals market, particularly fruits and natural flavors. Viactiv has obviously followed this winning strategy by offering its product in six flavors. Ecco Bella’s Health by Chocolate Instant Bliss Beauty Bar and the Women’s Wonder Supplement Chocolate Bar are also examples of on-trend products.

Drinks, Patches and Pouches
Other potential innovative forms of skin care products include chewing gum, portable drinks, patches and pouches. BORBA has a line of Skin Balance Waters, infused with antioxidants, designed to “beautify skin from the inside out,” and its Aqua-Less Crystalline powders can be mixed with a beverage to help “soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” For snacking, BORBA offers Skin Balance Confections—a gummy candy that “helps the skin regenerate its natural support system.” Individual ingestible pouch offerings are establishing a major presence in Asia. Shiseido has introduced two skin care lines, Sinoadore and &Face, that feature topical as well as ingestible products. Power Condense HA, an &Face product, is a small, single serve pouch containing a jelly supplement packed with essential beauty enhancing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin. The packaging states, “take two daily to effectively enrich your inner and outer self.” The cosmeceutical market will be an important growth area over the next five years as baby boomers, in particular, are no longer willing to accept the inevitability of the visible effects of aging. These consumers will seek out and drive growth in the demand for antiaging products as their share and spending power continues to increase. Regardless of the delivery method of cosmeceuticals—topical, ingestible or a regimen that combines both—performance and ease of use will influence and grow the market. Growth will also be influenced by marketers’ critical understanding of how to surprise and delight consumers with these options.

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