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The New Face of Beautiful Aging

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: January 8, 2007, from the January 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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“This category also treats very specific concerns that are relevant only to this age group,” notes Pieper-Vogt. “We recently launched Super Restorative Redefining Body Care, which targets the midsection, as the abdomen and waist area tend to lose their shape as we mature. We developed this product to provide a smoother, firmer, more streamlined shape.”

While Clarins doesn’t have one particular spokesperson for the brand, their advertising visually represents their insights into this category.

A spokesmodel who captured the attention of baby boomers and has journeyed along with this generation, Christie Brinkley graces the CoverGirl advertising for Advanced Radiance Age Defying Liquid makeup, which states simply, “Look as young as you feel.”

“Many women over 35 now seek antiaging and moisturizing as the primary benefits of their foundation,” said Esi Eggleston Bracey, vice president and general manager, North America, Procter & Gamble. “However, they may not realize with traditional age-defying makeup, they have to trade radiance in order to minimize their skin’s imperfections and vice versa. Advanced Radiance Age Defying Liquid Makeup meets women’s needs with a one-of-a-kind dual approach—boosting brightness while also reducing the look of shadows, fine lines, discolorations and wrinkles. The overall effect is radiant skin instantly looking five years younger.”

Every Woman Can Be Beautiful
In the immortal words of Estée Lauder, “Every woman can be beautiful,” and, indeed, that is the leitmotif of the Lauder beauty philosophy. It has served millions of women well, and continues to weave its magic for women in any and every stage of life.