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By: Sara Mason
Posted: November 7, 2006, from the November 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Influenced by the well-being trend, today’s consumers demand more natural-smelling fragrances, that are fresh, not suffocating. They can be costly because of origin, availability and crop-to-crop variations. Ultimately, the key is for fragrances to support the product’s marketing claim or concept. “Put simply, the product needs to smell like what the consumer expects,” explained Intuiscent’s Feygin. Scent is powerful. It is the only sense that makes direct connections with the emotional centers of the brain, which can bring up associations that might be very personal. “Logical thoughts lead to decisions, but emotions lead to action,” Feygin explained. “Fragrances go directly to emotions, leading to action at the retail level.” Following through with unique fragrances that appeal to the consumer is key for today’s marketers.

Citrus scents and fruity notes are most notable for giving the clean, fresh feeling consumers are looking to experience. More diversity in new launches featuring citrus has brought pink grapefruit, orange and tea to the market. Dove’s Cool Moisture body wash, for example, engages the senses with an uplifting fragrance of cucumber and green tea. Origins’ Paradise Found Balinese features a unique blend of pineapple and orange essential oils for the refreshing feeling of a tropical paradise.

However, the singular fruity fragrances are decreasing. “Fruits are now blended with florals for more sophisticated and complex fruity fragrances—flowering fruits,” said Mary Busch, brand manager, The Dial Corporation. Herbaceous, green and fresh scents with a twist are coming back in style, as are scents inspired by intriguing ingredients from exotic destinations.

Gourmand notes also are well-established on the market including vanilla, honey and some coconut. “Eating is comforting, but people are concerned about their weight, so they use their sense of smell to get a similar feeling,” stated Intuiscent’s Feygin. For fall, Limited Brands introduced Temptations from Bath & Body Works, an exclusive line of body washes featuring “all the indulgence with none of the guilt:” Pumpkin Pie Paradise, Cinnamon Bun Heaven, Spiced Apple Rapture and Pecan Passion.

“We have seen continued momentum in the gourmet food trend in fragrances with ingredients like cocoa,” said Jenny Belknap, executive director, Origins Global Marketing. Fragrances from Belle-Aire’s Sweet Souls collection also fall into the gourmand delights segment. “Chocolate, caramel and butter cream are all great notes when cleverly added to a soft fresh bouquet,” added Marilyn Kelly, vice president marketing/fragrance designer, Belle-Aire Fragrances, Inc.