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Shower Power

By: Sara Mason
Posted: November 7, 2006, from the November 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Exotic ingredients from functional foods eventually also will find their way into products. Busch forecasts ingredients such as the citrus acai fruit, the Japanese citrus fruit yuzu, evergreen tree’s longan, the Southeast Asian fruit pomelo, and the Asian tropical root vegetable taro. Nevertheless, with recent launches, there also will be more sophisticated oriental or floriental fragrances, such as in Dove Calming Night, suitable for new ultra feminine concepts. The industry will continue to look to the nutraceutical and supplement markets for ingredient trends to reapply to the personal wash arena.

Innovation Opportunities

“The primary consideration in the development of body wash is to create a quality fragrance that supports the product and that delights the consumer,” said Intuiscent’s Feygin. “Quality fragrance connotes luxury, and product quality is even more important now than ever. Even low-income consumers tend to want luxury products.” Balance is the key between the top notes and the rest of the fragrance. Users should still get a whiff of the pleasant note—reminiscent of the shower experience with associated assurance and emotional comfort. Understanding the product becomes important, as different ingredients affect the fragrance differently. “Fragrance needs to diffuse, not interfere with the rest of the formulation,” explained Feygin.

Origins’ Mazzella agrees that consumers are becoming more critical. “Therefore, the effectiveness of ingredients in product formulas will be tested clinically for substantiation, and the results will be made visible on the package copy of body washes in the future,” she predicts.

“In order to provide unique, high-quality products to consumers, innovation plays an important role in the development cycle,” added Claudia Pinzon, personal care program manager, Avon. “Formulation innovation coupled with manufacturing innovations can lead to interesting products.” Innovation can provide new technology by introducing active ingredients, interesting aesthetics, new claims language or positioning, testing methodologies, packaging and manufacturing processes—the final goal being to satisfy the consumer’s desire for a moment of serenity at the beginning of the day.

Men’s Market

Male-specific personal wash products are driving more than half the incremental growth of the body wash market. “While there is nearly universal trial among females of the body wash form, men are still at the trial stage, representing huge upside for brands that get it right with men,” explained Mary Busch, brand manager, The Dial Corporation.