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Home Scent Diffusion

Posted: October 2, 2007

Decorating a home includes more than the placement of furniture and art. Consumers today are using scent to decorate, adding an individual touch that represents their personality and tastes. Companies are branding scent to create an emotional connection with the brand, evoking a mood or memory. As a result, the decorative fragrance market has surged, and will grow to an estimated $7.2 billion by 2010, according to Euromonitor. Knowing a good thing when they see one, retailers are enhancing point-of-purchase branding through the use of scent memories, such as Bath & Body Works using essential oils of new fragrance releases to draw consumers into the store. While scent draws the consumer into the store, in-home the fragrance product must also be visually appealing, blending into the decor or adding a punch of color.

Scenting Decor

Potpourri, scented stones and reed diffusers provide that sought after sense of individuality with the necessary decorative flair. In the best combination, the scented items and the fragrance harmonize to complete the luxury decorative feeling.

“Whatever product you are dealing with, you want the fragrance to be an asset and not to turn on your product later on, as the scents are changing,” said Gerald Gaucher of Ellesca, whose Mediterranean product line includes home fragrance. For manufacturers, the scent must match well with the delivery system, particularly with potpourri, which brings its own natural scents, thus avoiding a clash of fragrance over time.

Scented objects bring added value in the form of safety. While reed diffusers create a consistent scent packaged in attractive bottles, they also provide a fragrance that can be showcased unattended, unlike candles or oil warmers.

“We see a rising popularity in items that can safely fragrance a space,” said Jill Belasco, Latitudes International. For example, Xela Aromasticks recently introduced its Tea for You diffusers, scented with different tea combinations, while Latitudes International launched its Curly Reed Diffuser, with twisted reeds that provide a decorative statement.