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Home Scent Diffusion

Posted: October 2, 2007

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“With no smoke, there are no pollutants causing harm to the environment. With no flame, there is no danger of leaving the reed diffuser unattended,” said Kim O’Hagan, Beauty Bureau, parent company of Xela Aromasticks.

While safety is a concern with consumers, they also want products that provide value through a long-lasting, consistent scent. “One of the major challenges is to create the most exquisite natural scent with a long, consistent fragrance life span,” said Gaucher. Additionally, the delivery system must be able to support that consistent and long-lasting scent. The key with potpourri, for example, is blending the natural scents within the potpourri with chemical fragrance to provide a longer and more consistent scent life. The fragrance load within potpourri is therefore a key cost. “Within candles, there is smaller percentage of fragrance than in potpourri, making it cheaper to create candles for the mass-market,” said Alan Brown of The Lebermuth Company, Inc.

According to the National Candle Association, U.S. sales of candles is approximately $2 billion annually, with more than 95% being sold to women. With more than 10,000 scents available to the U.S. consumer, the fragrance of the candle is the most important characteristic impacting purchasing decisions. Candles appeal to consumers for their ability to fragrance a room inexpensively, but that is countered by the short-term effect and safety concerns. As a part of the overall home decor, however, candles will continue to partner with potpourri and reed diffusers in creating a sense of ambience for consumers.

No Stone Unturned

A variety of home fragrance options exist for consumers. Yet within the marketplace, demand continues for innovative delivery systems to provide a consistent scent that can be left unattended. Therefore, manufacturers are maximizing the capabilities of scented stones, potpourri and reed diffusers to provide that consistent fragrance, while meeting the decorative needs of the consumer.

“Scented stones and object potpourris have become part of home decor for the consumer, a way of identifying a style,” said Belasco. For consumers, the individuality of a home fragrance item is seen as an extension of their self-expression.
Rainbow Rocks, harvested from various inlets in the Caribbean islands, are infused with flower- and plant-derived fragrances, while being marketed as a nontoxic, niche product that appeals to an individual’s unique tastes. Scents such as Beach and Blueberry bring to mind special events and memories, contributing to the ambience within the home.