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The New Alchemy of Multitasking Makeup

By: Emily Katz
Posted: July 13, 2011, from the July 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

Editor’s note: This article originally ran in the April 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine. All rights reserved.

As a little girl of 3, I recall climbing up to my mother’s vanity and pulling out a beautiful, crystal-encrusted lipstick case that a friend had just brought from France. I’ll never forget how I wanted the lipstick within that case—it smelled of roses. It was then that I must have realized the power of makeup. Not only did I love applying it to my lips, but the scent also sent me to the moon. A love of makeup born within me, and it was the harbinger of recognizing that lipstick wasn’t just color—it held a world of magic.

Flash forward decades later … lipstick still captivates me; it is chock full of all kinds of good stuff for your lips, and is getting even more advanced in staying power and benefits.

The Quest for Efficiency and Youth

Currently the quest is for the ultimate in multitasking cosmetics, particularly in a culture obsessed with efficiency and youth. Consumers are seeking a means to get as much done as possible while wanting to simplify and streamline. In fact, according to a recent NPD Group Inc. report, approximately 86% of makeup users have used a makeup product that contains a skin care benefit in the past year. This idea culminates in beauty products that are a hybrid of convenience, results and color all in one. Herald the arrival of an amazing array of color treatment combinations and multitasking/multipurpose products such as powders that finish makeup and act as sunscreens; primers with benefits for aging skin, oil absorption and sebum control; and tinted sunscreens.