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Revealing the Secret of Beauty—It's Elementary

By: Mintel Oxygen Reports
Posted: January 3, 2012

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Most recently, fullerenes are riding the BB wave, adding an extra touch of skin conditioning while claiming to combat the appearance of dark spots in other formulations. Japanese makeup brand Nanocé has developed BB Sorbet Foundation, a spray foundation that promises to cool the skin, tighten the pores and refine the skin texture. Enriched with collagen as well as fullerene, the product blurs the line between BB creams and tinted moisturizers more than ever.

Vivienne Rudd, senior European beauty analyst at Mintel, comments, “Research into new materials from Latin America, Eastern European lakes and shorelines and the deserts of Asia will no doubt yield more earthly elements for the cosmetics of the future.”

Water, Water Everywhere

While aqua is more often than not the first ingredient to be listed on product labels, the source of the water has become a claim in its own right.

This is nothing new in Europe, where brands such as Avène, Vichy and Biotherm have based their skin care ranges on thermal spa waters, rich in minerals and oligo elements, which are said to nourish the skin and help it retain its youthfulness. However, newer brands are emerging in Asia that use thermal waters from celebrated Japanese sources. Chiefly found in moisturizers and lotions, these spa waters are now finding their way into new formats. Three’s Balancing Lotion Mask, for example, contains carbonated spa water as well as botanical water, and claims to regulate the skin’s moisture and oil balance, keeping it refined, translucent and smooth.

Coastal waters are also being plumbed for their minerals and trace elements, spearheaded by the algae-rich Brittany waters but more recently joined by waters taken from the depths of the Arctic and Pacific Oceans. Kosé’s Sea’s Dew face lotion combines the best of both worlds, combining deep sea water and spa water to offer regenerative properties.