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Revealing the Secret of Beauty—It's Elementary

By: Mintel Oxygen Reports
Posted: January 3, 2012

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Inland waters also have a part to play. Initially, products talked about mineral-rich water from Icelandic lagoons, but formulators are now also turning to warmer sources such as Polynesian lagoons, fortified by coral reefs. Nature Republic by Nature’s Homme Toner, for example, contains purified lagoon water found in Polynesia’s green coral reef area and is said to revitalize and restore dry and tired skin by replenishing its nutrient and moisture levels.

Even so, there are also new sources of cold water, chosen for their purity, which is where Arctic and Alpine springs and glacial waters come into the picture. Lumene, for example, poised on the edge of the Arctic Circle in Finland, has formulated Arctic spring water in its Luminous Touch Makeup. As a result, says the company, the foundation is rich in minerals such as calcium, and moisturizes and protects the skin.

And then there are the products that use water as a starting point. Providing a bridge between Mintel’s Nutribeauty and Deconstruction trends, these products offer holistic and allude to beauty claims. For example, MiO Liquid Water Enhancer from Kraft provides 24 servings in an eight-ounce bottle and promises a zero calorie but fruity drink, while Panablue’s Sure Beauty Water is said to have four times more minerals than standard water and is described as the deepest sea mineral water in the world.

“So, while some restaurants have offered menus of mineral waters from around the world for some time, the beauty industry has now come on board too. Next stop, cloud juice, otherwise known as rain water?” wonders Rudd.

Air: Breathing Fresh Life into Skin and Hair Care

There has been a steady rise in the number of beauty products that mention the word oxygen. This has gone beyond simple use of the term in product names to imply freshness and energy, and now reaches into the formulation itself.