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Color Trends for 2013 and Beyond

By: Doug Thornley, Impact Colors
Posted: March 29, 2012, from the April 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Black, the long-time standard for eyeliner and mascara and new natural classic for nails, also will develop further. Standard blacks can be differentiated with small particles of silver gray synthetic mica for a daytime effect that is silvery, yet not outright shiny. Impact Colors introduced a new fancy black for glamorous evening effects by adding a quarter part larger particle snowy white synthetic mica, creating sparkle without dimming the depth and richness of the black.

Dark blue is back for the eye area. With jeans and dark blue showing up in fashion, and black slowing down a bit, anticipate dark blue for nails as this old classic becomes new again.

Formulators and beauty brands who can be create and innovate in the limited, but classic field of red, black, and deep, deep blue can be winners in 2013.

Vivid Colors and Metallics—Contradictory Themes Synchronized

Really bright colors have been important for a while now, and we see them everywhere, especially in nail varnish. But after so much exposure, bright colors can seem a little flat.

Blending a pearlescent accent of the same color adds dimension, deepening an orange, yellow or green. Pearlescence is an exciting way to supplement vivid colors with an extra gloss that adds to the punch without diminishing the pop.

Regulations, Stability, Color Aesthetics, and Economics.

Coloring the Cosmetic World: Using Pigments in Decorative Cosmetic Formulations covers the four dimensions to selecting colors for cosmetics. Take note of the chapter on color stability which describes the various colorants you will use in your product and includes a chart listing compatibility of colorants with a number of solvents. Photos rendered in full masstone color!

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