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At Your Fingertips

By: Sara Mason
Posted: March 5, 2008, from the March 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Winning Strategy
While colors are of utmost importance, marketing strategies that appeal to consumers’ softer side are the key. According to Carolyn Cianciotto, it’s about the creativity of the names and the stories behind them. All of the Carolyn New York nail colors, for example, are named after experiences in the Big Apple, and the stories pique consumer interest. “We want to connect with them and build a loyalty and relationship,” said Cianciotto. “We want consumers to feel like they’re buying something personal.”

Brands in general are working to present nail wear as a fun accessory for overall beauty, something that can be done easily at home. “Products will have to be multi-beneficial and presented in a way that’s emotional—as a fashion or beauty accessory—but also functional,” explained Avon’s Robinson.

In addition to four seasonal nail polish collections, Essie launches special collections, such as an upcoming bridal series, and colors developed through special partnerships. The most recent partnership was the Essie E! Live from the Red Carpet red polish, developed in partnership with E! Entertainment. Essie has several other high-profile partnerships in the works as well. “We utilize a strategic advertising campaign and a full-scale public relations program that reaches the fashion and beauty authorities,” said Weingarten. “Our strategic partnerships play a significant role in successful launches.”

Convenience To Go
Fast and easy application is a priority for the modern makeup user, and flat brushes for seamless, even applications of nail lacquer are being redesigned with this in mind.

OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush is “extravagantly lush” and thick, precisely designed so that the specially shaped bristles align in a stack to create a smooth, flat surface. “This revolutionary design allows the brush to hold more nail lacquer, spread it more evenly, and deliver a streak-free application,” explained Weiss-Fischmann.