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Spring is in the Air

Posted: March 31, 2008

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Todd Taubman-Walker, professional makeup artist and national educator with Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, also is seeing some throwback in the spring shades, saying, “There’s a little bit of whimsy in some of the color, with the eyes and especially with liquid liners—they’re so retro. Whenever you do something that’s retro, it’s all in fun—we just want to have a good time right now.”

That draw toward fun is a definite focus for the whole season, says makeup artist and beauty expert Candace Corey. “Spring is a great time to not have a lot of fuss going on, to show off the skin and to use different colors to create looks that are pretty,” she explains.

A Light in the Eyes

Helping to create that fresh, pretty look, effervescent, lively colors in shadows and liners are giving the eyes a reason to shine. “There’s a lot of color in eyes, and they are bright colors that are usually reserved for summer,” says Taubman-Walker. “We’re trying to get people out of the cloudy winter days and to move into that sunshine, letting them know that summer is just around the corner.”

To get the refreshing look, a few of the season’s most popular shades typically reserved for the mouth and cheeks are being used. “Bright pink and orange are showing up on the eyelids,” Eiseman confirms.

Vivid and stunning, Wiebelt says an easy touch on these hues is the key to making them really pop. “Makeup this season will become lighter in weight,” he explains. “Although these shades have, in the past, been almost too heavy for eyes, applying them as sheer washes makes them weightless, wearable and more modern.”