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All in the Family: 29 Cosmetics Launches Grape Seed Age Protection

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: August 5, 2008, from the August 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.
Anita Wilbanks and Lydia Mondavi, 29 Cosmetics

Anita Wilbanks and Lydia Mondavi, 29 Cosmetics

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GCI: Which other ingredients seem to symbiotically work best with grape seed extract for overall performance quality?

Lydia Mondavi: Grape seed extract works wonderful with other vitamins such as C and E, and sunscreen, as well, to further protect from free radical damage.

GCI: Your First Crush Lip Exfoliation Treatment is made of triple-milled grape seeds. What’s the advantage of triple milling a product?

Lydia Mondavi: Milling the seeds very fine is important to create a soft exfoliation, being careful not to break any capillaries.

GCI: Other than with grape seed antioxidants, how else can you detoxify your skin and body for a younger look?

Lydia Mondavi: Massage, exercise, drinking water, facials, body treatments and eating healthy.


GCI: Why did your mother, Anita Wilbanks, choose to use patent-finished packaging with silver, winter white and brown accents? How did you design the packaging?

Lydia Mondavi: We wanted a feminine look with luxury and elegance with a contemporary, clean and modern feel. We worked with our architect, Caroline Rolader, and she created renderings, watercolor drawings and mock-ups.

GCI: Why did you design the color palettes after the Napa Valley?

Lydia Mondavi: We created many of the palettes inspired by the Napa Valley. The company is based in Napa, my home is in Napa and the creation of the brand with the grape seeds came from Napa.

GCI: Why did you decide to bridge a travel theme into your cosmetics line (i.e. steamer trunk display cases, the 3 oz travel-sized Napa Mist spray, etc.)?

Lydia Mondavi: We researched our client demographic, and the luxury client is an experienced traveler. We also loved the romance and old world style.


GCI: Many of your cosmetic products include an SPF. Who is the typical 29 Cosmetics woman, and how does she spend her time outdoors and indoors?

Lydia Mondavi: All of our face and lip products have an SPF. The 29 woman loves the indoors and enjoys the outdoors. We find that it is necessary to provide the ultimate in protection for our clients in a complete age protecting formula using grape seed and sunscreen in many of the products. Grape seed extract, when combined with sunscreen, is even more powerful.

GCI: Which of your products do you use in your daily regimen, and how do you detoxify?