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The Brilliance of Autumn

By: Abby Penning
Posted: October 5, 2009, from the October 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Cheeks can also be some of the best places to use multipurpose makeup products. “Some can even be used on three different places—the eyes, cheeks and lips—so one product can really go a lot farther,” says Frey.

Luminous Color

This fall really offers makeup options for anyone’s taste, from metallically sheened natural hues in iron and earth tones to deep, bold touches of red, purple and blue. “The uniqueness of the season is going to come from the different ways the colors are combined,” says Eiseman. “It’s time to do something experimental—go for the unusual, the unique. Build a beautiful mosaic out of the colors. You want to do what flatters the skin tone the most. To only use warm colors on warm skin tones and cool colors on cool skin tones is really doing a disservice to a woman, I think. You need to have a balance of temperatures.”

This season’s shades are great to mix and match in whatever ways a person prefers. “Everything is so versatile,” Campbell notes. “You can use a nude or nutmeg pencil to line the lips to go with a coppery gloss, and use gold or silver to line the eyes for a shimmery pop.”

A variety of hues can also revamp a look without creating a whole new color palette. “The bolder colors are great as highlights, and they also acknowledge the more conservative mind-set of the consumer,” Eiseman explains. “Using the color combinations helps give people something new.”

Abby Penning is an assistant editor for Skin Inc. magazine.