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Colorful Inspiration

Posted: March 9, 2007

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“This information is presented in the context of product, packaging and presentation boards—including multidimensional consultations that may include the identification of trends, indicators and shifts, idea generation, color and material concepts,” said April Vignone, manager, Verla International.

The company’s current forecast for “romantic, wistful, charismatic with a seductive edge, mixing silky pearls with intense sophisticated shades,” is portrayed through transparent iridescent, sparkling shimmer and luminous sheer tones and metallic glimmer in deep rich colors.

“Eyes range from satiny to deep romantic hues with the use of high reflective pigments,” said Vignone. “Eyeliners and mascaras will continue to develop new levels to dramatize and define eyes with dramatic high shine and shimmery glitter effects. Lips are soft and glossy, accenting fullness for a seductive sexy look with light boosting pigments to create a vibrant and luminous appearance. Nails range from sweet and charming playful shades to full depth creams and metallic glimmering rich and intense tones—complementing the super sheer radiance of color cosmetics.”

Instincts, exploration of larger trends and consumer research—the path to successful color forecasting is not a simple one. Done correctly, however, deciphering the subtle shades of trends ensure the continued vibrancy of the segment.

Current Colors
Verla International
General—A blend of pinks and mauves with a halo of gold, silver and/or white highlights. Neutral tans and warm camel tones with light-reflecting pigments.