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Healthy, Colorful Beauty

By: Sara Mason
Posted: December 7, 2009, from the December 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

DermaQuest’s DermaMinerals features dermaxyl peptide to minimize the appearance of fine lines, and reflective and light-scattering mica-wrapped cotton fibers and boron nitride to help restore the skin’s luminosity.

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Products catering to consumers’ chemical aversion have definitely found their place. From supermarkets to Sephora, which just launched its own Sephora Pure collection, shelves are overflowing with products featuring ingredients from nature, not the lab. Many claim skin-nourishing properties that are superior to synthetic counterparts. “I love the way that organic ingredients and formulations are becoming exciting and more widely available so that makeup, in general, is moving in a more holistic direction,” says Petra Strand, founder, Pixi. High-quality minerals, for example, can now be added to a multitude of products without the heavy texture and pastiness.

Pixi, launched by Strand 10 years ago in London and now available at Target, was established as a brand synonymous with fresh, natural beauty. “Consumers want—and deserve—products that work on more than one level,” says Strand. “[Consumers want to] look and feel nice, and they are results-driven—[they want] a combination of innovation (coupled with botanicals) and old tried-and-tested ingredients that are really interesting and valid.”

Strand uses plant waxes to nourish and “hold” pigment for color payoff, in addition to antioxidant and soothing properties of chamomile and green tea, particularly in eye products. Fairy Light Solos—the most recent product introduction, launched in fall 2009—is treatment mineral eye shadow that conditions the skin to improve the texture. What makes it possible is a synergistic blend of vitamins and shea butter with non-drying pure mineral pigment.

“If the very core of the product is botanical, the minerals physically protect the skin and help minimize the use of chemicals and preservatives,” said Strand. This means that it becomes less about bells and whistles and more about the simple fact that the product does what it’s supposed to without ingredients that certain consumer segments look to avoid.

To help marketers make a move toward green, suppliers are providing more natural-based ingredients designed to provide enhanced flexibility and ease of formulation. BioOrganic Concepts’ Microzest 25 powders range, which is manufactured by Lessonia, is developed from 100% natural plant powders and minerals that are finely milled to 25 microns, making it non-water soluble and sufficiently fine for a smooth, silky texture. The range is said to provide enhanced natural color for a range of natural or organic makeup products, and is available in a variety of shades.

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