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The Sun-kissed Look and Other Color Trends

By: Nancy McGuire, BASF BeautyCare Ingredients
Posted: December 9, 2009, from the December 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Light-catching and layered effects are also called for in this color palette and can be achieved with large particle sized, sparkly white pigments. A silvery or platinum sheen is added to cosmetic products by using a unique, flaked form of dry high luster bismuth oxychloride that can be pre-dispersed into many types of cosmetic formulas. BASF achieved the effect with its Biju Ultra UFC. Prior to the development of this technology, the use of high luster bismuth oxychloride was limited mainly to nail enamels. The look of worn, eroded iridescence to add antiqued effects can be achieved by using darkened, gem like natural mica-based effect pigments.

Natural and Minimalistic

A third upcoming color story has a more discrete and minimalistic feel. Combinations of grays and beiges (an important color direction), and subtle half-tones—ranging from cool, smoky khaki and gray to warmer golds—are featured.

Key descriptive words are: luminous complexion, soft glow, enhanced natural, creamy and sheer, discrete, healthy and glossy (hair), lush and pearly, soft accents, metallic sheen, erased.

What does this mean for makeup and personal care products? For one thing, enhanced natural effects on the face. This look can be achieved by using effect pigments in small particle sizes in both iridescent (red, gold and orange) and metallic shades (such as gold, bronze and copper). Rather than give a sparkly look on the skin, these pigments enhance skin with a soft and luminescent glow. Bismuth oxychloride-based colors such as BASF’s Chroma-Lite line also give sheer, natural color and soft luminous looks to the skin. Both the small particle size mica-based pigments and the oxychloride-based effect pigments have a silky feel on the skin as well as enhancing skin adhesion and long-wearing properties, especially in powder formulations. They give a creamy texture to the formulations, meeting the need for beauty and performance.

Combinations of fine particle size white effect pigments with black effect pigments yield beautiful smoky grays. By adding in an interference red effect pigment, a complex smoky gray with iridescent red highlights is achieved that emulates the look of a lunar eclipse.