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A Rich Season

By: Abby Penning
Posted: September 21, 2007

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Giving the season’s colors an extra bit of flare is a touch of metallic glimmer. “Metallics and grays in various colors—silver, pewter, even into bronze and copper—are very popular for fall,” says Todd Taubman-Walker, professional makeup artist and national educator with Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. “A lot of these are shades almost anyone can wear, and they have accents with lots of shine.”

Where There’s Smoke …
Mirroring the dramatic change in the season’s weather, a dark, smoky, smudged look is popular for the eye this autumn. This makeup technique, typically done with blacks and deep grays to help draw attention toward the eyes, is surprisingly versatile this season, allowing for a range of shades to be used. “The sexy, smoky-eyed look can include copper, blue and green, and has a gray, slightly glittery look,” says Eiseman.

This look can be achieved by starting off with a velvety soft, smooth light brown base shade, then selecting a darker, bolder, shimmery hue in blue, green, purple, brown, gray or black to highlight the upper lid. A liner made of the same eye shadow shade mixed with water can bring the color below the eyes, along the lash line, giving a definitive, intense outline. The dark makeup makes the whites of the eyes appear bright and gives the iris color a lift as well.

And for those who are seeking something lighter than the traditional black coloring, the other options help greatly. “The metallic, smoky eye shadows are fun, but can be hard to wear if you’re not a young starlet,” says Alphonse Wiebelt, makeup artist, and co-founder and vice president of development and education for TRUE Cosmetics. “Hues in purple or rich topaz help create the smoky eye without the weight or harshness. The softer, earthier metallic shades can be worn by any woman, any age.” Taubman-Walker also recommends easing up on the look’s smudged edges for a cleaner, simpler take on the sexy technique.

For those seeking to sidestep this look altogether, nature’s influence brings organic shades to the eyes this season, as well. Toned-down teals and tan-tinged gray-greens with the smallest hint of sheen offer subtle alternatives for the eye to achieve a simplistic grace. Bronzed browns and rich pinks also can be applied for an appealing look. “Eye quads and shadows in browns and russets are big,” says Redleaf.