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A Rich Season

By: Abby Penning
Posted: September 21, 2007

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Whether you decide to go with dramatic smoky coloring or laid-back earth tones, Wiebelt says finishing touches such as well-shaped eyebrows and simple coats of black mascara on curled eyelashes are perfect for this autumn’s eyes.

A Kiss of Color
Not to be outdone, the lips are also featuring vibrant, bold looks this fall. The season’s deep hues can easily be suited to coordinate with the powerful eye cosmetics, and a heavier look helps give lips added weight. “Because gray is going to be dominating the eyes this fall, some of the only bright color you’ll see is on the lips—red, anywhere from crimson to a deep ox blood,” says Taubman-Walker.

Deep plum and wine shades are also gracing the mouth, giving lips a lush, berry-stained look. Additionally, Eiseman says, there is a heavy mica influence in hues, creating a very painted-on lip with super sparkle. “Trends in deep currants, plums and reds are growing in lips,” says Wiebelt. He adds, “The fall is seeing the return of the lipstick. With the weight of fall clothing, you need the weight of lipstick for balance.” To get the right technique for a dark, pretty pout, begin by applying lip liner in a shade close to the lipstick color. This gives the mouth definition and helps set it off from the rest of the face. However, be careful not to go overboard on the liner, creating the dreaded “ring around the mouth.” A light, easy touch creates a great frame. Liner can also be used to fill in the lips for continuous color. Lipstick should then be applied with a firm hand, creating a full, plump appearance. A slight glisten of gloss can be applied for extra effect, and focusing a bit of shimmer on the middle of the lower lip adds a sensual touch.

If you’re looking to create a sharper contrast with the eyes through the coloring of the mouth, however, a nude, glossy lip is also a popular way to go this fall. Shades of extra pale pink or even a light khaki provide a minimalist look, while gloss helps them not completely fade into the rest of the face. Again with this lighter coloring, an easy, light touch should be utilized when applying a very soft shade of lip liner to give a definitive edge. Blend it well into the lips, then fill in with color to help create a look of fullness. Gloss, applied on top of the lip color, should give the mouth a wet sheen with a hint of bronzed glimmer.

With a bright pop of color, the lips can help balance the dramatic eyes and definitely draw their own attention. The variation of lip colors for fall—a bright, vibrant red; a deep, berry-stained purple; or an ultra-shiny nude—do need to be matched with the eye makeup, however. Both Redleaf and Wiebelt recommend making sure both of the face’s dominant features are wearing colors that are part of the same scheme. Don’t mix cool blues and greens with warm reds and russets. If one color is dominant in either the eye or mouth, a shade in a similar palette or a monochromatic is best.