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A Rich Season

By: Abby Penning
Posted: September 21, 2007

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And skin should be well-prepared in order to get the greatest effect of the makeup. Freshly cleansed skin accepts cosmetics well, and complexions look best when they are well-hydrated, so moisturizer should be incorporated into skin care routines. Also, extra steps may need to be taken in order to create the best facial skin for this season’s colors. “With the more matte look, there is definitely a need to prepare the skin with proper exfoliation, or it can look dull,” says Taubman-Walker.

Go Your Own Way
Even with the myriad of bold, brilliant hues begging for attention this fall, it is always important to remember that color should be customized for each individual. Factors such as age and eye, hair and skin color, as well as personal style, should all be considered when applying makeup of any shade or hue, no matter the season or trend.

For example, even though some of the season’s darker colors can be extreme, there are ways for everyone to wear them. “Women who are more mature can still go with the same tones, just scaled back for a demure look with a softer edge,” says Taubman-Walker. “The eyes may not be as smudged, but these women still look great in the red lipstick.”

Often it just takes bit of advice from a professional for a woman to hit upon her signature colors. “A woman will generally keep the same style of makeup her whole life until an artist or someone intervenes to help her revamp it,” says Redleaf. Work with clients to discover their likes and dislikes in cosmetics, as well as how much time their schedule allows for creating their look. “Multipurpose items such as doubled-sided eye pencils are great. They add convenience and versatility,” suggests Redleaf.

Personal makeup preferences should also be matched with personal coloring, especially the eyes, hair and skin. “The dark shades on paler skin can look harsh,” says Taubman-Walker.