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Take Your Color Business to the Next Level

By: Alisa Marie Beyer
Posted: March 22, 2013, from the April 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Certainly color shades, ingredients and brand positioning play a part in how and why a consumer chooses one product over another, but at the end of the day, the differences between colors and shade ranges is minimal and ultimately no longer enough of a differentiator for consumers. In fact, many consumers find the plethora of similar products confusing, and admit that when it comes to choosing the right shade of lip gloss or eye shadow, they feel hopelessly lost with so much choice. Colors and shades are no longer enough of a draw—consumers want more.

Besides testimonials and claims helping your brand stand out against the competition, this targeted information will help consumers cut through the clutter and zero in on what matters—hopefully your product and brand—as the best choice for them.

After testing hundreds of color products with consumers, The Beauty Company uncovered a few key benchmarks to get the most out of beauty product tests for color cosmetics:

  • keep the group size to 50–100 women;
  • plan on running your testing group anywhere from an hour (for instant claims) to 12 hours (if you are trying to capture long-lasting lipstick claims, for example) to seven days for a product like nail polish; and
  • craft your survey to reflect the kinds of claims you are hoping to achieve and so that the claims are competitive to what else is being said in-market.

The Color of Brand Loyalty

At the end of the day, testing your color cosmetic products in the right way—and with the right consumers—is quickly becoming a necessary part of brand and product development. Not only will the information gleaned during this process help all internal teams understand how consumers feel and interact with your brand, but, when wielded correctly, this powerful tool can help you keep your brand at the top of her must-have shopping list today and tomorrow.

Don’t limit your potential with the consumer you most want to reach by thinking that, where color is concerned, all she cares about is what she sees in the mirror. What other women are seeing, saying and thinking about your products are equally, if not more, important—and a consumer product test is the smartest and most strategic method of capturing the real data points that make a difference.

Alisa Marie Beyer is the founder and creative director of The Beauty Company (TBC), a global beauty consulting firm offering business, strategy, consumer intelligence and branding. Serving its clients at every stage of development (from start-ups to 13 of the top 15 global beauty companies), TBC intimately understands the industry, the consumer and the market, and becomes an integral part of each client or project team.;

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