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“Generation Co” and the Future of Fragrance

By: Jeb Gleason-Allured
Posted: November 3, 2010, from the November 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Arty: These scents, both feminine and skewing a bit older within the young adult range, focus on naturalness and floralcy. The first scent, an edible, features cheesecake and wild strawberry accords. The second scent intermixes impressions of patchouli and milk. Geeks: Symrise’s scents for this tribe focus on vitality and energy with fougères and citrus notes that in part evoke the static of a computer screen. The masculine fragrance features absinthe and gin accords, including notes of juniperberry and licorice. The feminine scent presents a more sugary, but subtle, kick of licorice and a strawberry leaf accord that adds a clean feel with a little fruit.

Neo-mods: Here, the perfumers employed classic florals and fougères twisted with a “rock-and-roll touch” to be more modern. The feminine scent features orangeflower with a mango impression for a little zest, tropicality and modernity. The masculine scent is a classic fougère with coriander and tonka for modernity.

Fluo: This category is characterized by fun, energy, effervescence, excitement and sexiness, Bucher says, highlighted by “fizzy fun fruits.” The feminine scent features a Red Bull accord—a sticky-sweet amalgam of strawberry, orange and green banana—plus some white floralcy for femininity. The masculine scent features sharp lime and rich vetiver for contrast. The overall impression is toniclike, with a touch of ginger. Bucher declares this one “very bouncy.”

Hip-hop/RNB: This category, too, focuses on energy, excitement, sexiness and sensuality, evoked through addictive woods, spices and edible notes. The feminine scent includes Bellini and tiramisu accords, producing an alcohol-soaked richness backed up by creamy sandalwood and accords imparting champagne, peach and chocolate notes. Finally, the masculine scent was constructed around a Bailey’s Irish Cream accord. The scent also includes cedar, vetiver, sandalwood and musk for a slightly dry impression.