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Fragrance Foundation's Rochelle Bloom from Luxe Pack Monaco

Posted: November 4, 2010

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Lastly, the shopping experience changed and luxury was hit the hardest. Department stores were less frequently visited as a destination to purchase fragrance as consumers became few and far between or stopped shopping entirely. To add insult to injury, incentives to purchase were enhanced so that nobody purchased fragrance unless a gift was offered. Fragrance had gone from luxury to commodity.

What worked in the past to create the luxe and aspiration of fragrance that has been ignored, eliminated or forgotten, and that can and should be retooled for the future?

  • Less is more. Introduce fewer, more distinctive fragrances with a specific point of view.
  • Tell a story that draws in the consumer. Why, where, how, who? Put the romance and mystery back into the mix.
  • With today’s technology, create a must-have package that matches the story, not a stock bottle that is affordable and has a short delivery time.
  • Rethink holiday and bring back the 21st century version of holiday theming and exclusive items/collectibles instead of value that’s piled sky high at counter.
  • Sample, sample, sample.
  • Make it sustainable wherever possible. But caution, don’t confuse the green movement with the consumers need to feel that fragrance is a luxury and special.

Let me conclude by saying that fragrance has been experiencing a comeback over the past six to eight months, because I believe strongly that creativity and good design are returning and consumers are taking a new delight in discovering beautiful, whimsical, edgy, collectible bottles that totally capture the essence of the fragrance within. But we’re not out of the woods yet. We need to learn from our past success and failures and remain ahead of the consumer curve. We need to listen more to what the consumer says and not only respond, but wow them. Fragrance is here to stay and much of its future success is in our own hands.”