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Mintel Reports Trends in Asian Cosmetic Raw Materials

Posted: May 3, 2011

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Tomasello also briefly mentioned that lychee continues to be a popular ingredient in Chinese personal care products and beverages.

South Korea

In the South Korean personal care market "hanbang," or Korean medicinal cosmetics, are popular among consumers, according to Tomasello. She noted that these cosmetics often are formulated with traditional Korean herbal ingredients and that certified "hanbang" cosmetics are marked with the namesake logo.

Also popular in South Korea is "sujeonggwa," a Korean drink. It is made from cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn and persimmons, and is often used as inspiration for personal care products.


Ayurvedic cosmetics still continue to dominate the Indian cosmetic market. These cosmetics use formulated with traditional Indian herbs. Tomasello noted that jasmine, known as the "king of perfumes" in the Indian market, continues to be a popular fragrance.

Agarwood, or "wood of the gods," is popular in Indian fragrance. Amba haldi, a root similar to ginger with a flavor compared to mango, is also being increasingly used in Indian personal care products, where it has been promoted to stimulate blood circulation.