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An Experience Consumers Want to Make Their Own

By: Abby Penning
Posted: July 13, 2011, from the July 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Additionally, more and more, fine fragrances are being adapted into body products such as lotions, shower gels and cosmetic products. However, these products don’t always necessarily adhere to the same scent dynamics. “Its not a direct translation of the actual note, but more of a translation of the idea,” explains Costa.

“People who are using body products for scent use fragrance with a different mindset,” Como says. “There has been a preference for cleaner wearability.” And Butler says, “You can see the sensorial experience there, and now the scents are aligned with perfumers creating the scent parallel to how they would a fragrance for the fine fragrance industry. Sometimes, they even set the trends, like when vanilla emerged as such a hot ingredient.”

Marketing Fragrance

When creating a significant presence for a new scent, whether it is in a body product or as a fine fragrance, there is a distinct need for marketing support. “People want to know the real story,” says Butler, and Patel agrees, noting that, “Creating the scent story is very important.”

Como encourages a hands-on scent shopping experience to help convey that message to consumers as forthrightly as possible. “One of the most important things in the fragrance sales process is having a sales associate there to knowledgeably discuss the product,” she says. “Self service in fragrance makes it really hard for one scent to stand out among a display of 25 other products, and packaging and great advertising visuals can really help with that, but there’s nothing like having a person there to speak to the product and give it a human touch.”

“We would like to talk more to consumers to help educate them more about what they’re actually smelling,” says Patel. “That way, they can identify a little more with [the fragrance] as opposed to just having to accept the brand’s defined concept and message.”