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A Sensory Journey: Fragrance in Branding

By: GCI Editors
Posted: May 23, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

Patti Allyn, Vice President, Evaluation, Consumer Goods, Mane, USA
Amy Braden, Director of Product Development, Tru Fragrance
Wendy Diamond, Vice President, Marketing, Consumer Goods, Mane, USA
Nikki Enriquez, Fragrance Marketing Coordinator, Bell Flavors & Fragrances
Michelle Harper, Director of Fragrance Evaluation, Arylessence
Lori Miller Burns, Director of Marketing, Arylessence
Anne Silsby, Senior Marketing Manager for Bath and Body, Philosophy

Q: Why is a good fragrance important to a beauty product?

Michelle Harper, director of fragrance evaluation, Arylessence: A good fragrance is the key to success of any product. A good fragrance makes using a good product a great experience. Products must always deliver on their intended function. A moisturizer needs to deliver on the consumer’s expectation of moisturizing in order to have a chance at success. So, pair a good moisturizer with the fresh scent of dew-misted florals and crushed greens above glistening musks to create a truly winning combination.

Fragrance also is the game changer at the shelf. A winning fragrance establishes differentiation at the shelf and gives consumers a basis for their purchase choices. A great product with a poor fragrance strategy is likely not to make it into the basket. A good fragrance is not just important, it’s essential, especially in today’s crowded marketplace where consumers have so many choices. At the shelf, especially with a product new to the market, fragrance is often the deciding factor. Memorable fragrances that enhance the consumer product experience lead directly to brand loyalty.

Nikki Enriquez, fragrance marketing coordinator, Bell Flavors & Fragrances: A good fragrance is important to a beauty product because a consumer is not going to buy something that smells bad, especially a beauty product. Beauty products evoke a sense of glamour and elegance, and the fragrance in the product makes or breaks those feelings. Fragrance can create brand loyalty.