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Holiday Fragrance Mania

By: Nancy C. Hayden
Posted: August 29, 2008, from the January 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Martha Basanta, marketing director at drom fragrances, sees the rose note reinvented for a future direction—perhaps an edible gourmand twist on the rose as exhibited in Rose Angel by Thierry Mugler, a very spicy, woody rose. Basanta also sees the iced rose, the fruity rose and the violet twisted rose for new direction.

Fashion trends, media trends, perfume trends—our fast-paced society is always demanding the new. Have we spoiled our consumers? Who makes the trends? Is it the fashion goods house, the marketer, the small independent entrepreneur? Or is it the creative perfumer at the bench of the fragrance supply house coming up with a new shift in an accord or adding a new raw material. The answer is they all are interrelated. They all feed off one another.

This fragrance mania will continue as long as marketers strive to keep their bottom lines increasing while maintaining or improving their market share. They will put the demands on the fragrance supply house and challenge them to deliver new scents.

A future column will cover how the perfumers meet these challenges and how time and energy are portioned out in the customer-supplier relationship.