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Fragrancing with Intent

By: Nancy Jeffries
Posted: December 4, 2006, from the December 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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“For candles, new fragrances of food-inspired scents and interesting spins on the most popular fragrances, such as vanilla combinations or exotic fruits such as quince that aren’t quite mainstream yet, are becoming more popular,” said Trollope. “Other fragrance trends in the food-inspired category include cassis, spiced chestnut, frosted cranberries, spiced pear, caramel apple, biscotti, tea and honey, gingerbread maple and spiced cocoa.”

New trends in air care, according to Trollope, stem from delivery systems. Reed diffusers, drawer liners, scented stones and crystals—anything to layer favorite scents—are gaining popularity throughout the home. Room sprays and plug-ins, on the other hand, are utilized to deliver strong bursts of scent. Trollope notes that Upper Canada Soap & Candle will be extending its Moments line, in part, through the addition of new delivery systems—including reed diffusers.

“By increasing the number and types of products that consumers can use concurrently, the market drives incremental purchases and accelerates repurchases,” said Trollope, citing a study by Global New Product Databas that shows additional product purchases as consumers move toward more home entertaining and stay-at-home habits. Delivery, fragrance and ingredient distinctions continue to create interesting points of difference in the home fragrance industry.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Essential oils are utilized in concentrated form to fragrance BleuBay Aromatherapy Candles. Using food-grade wax, pure cotton wicks and essential oils from such plant sources as rosewood, bergamot, lavender and vanilla, BleuBay Candles are designed to impart aromatherapeutic effects. They come in votive packs, pillars, glass goblets and travel companions, and, according to company founder and CEO Tommy Dionisio, “There is no limit to where candles and aromas can take you.”

Whether it’s relaxation or meditation, Dionisio says the candles are completely mood-sensitive. The name itself, which his wife is responsible for, evokes a place where all is right, where oils elicit memories and there’s a peaceful body of water to complete the mood. “That’s where BleuBay is,” say Dionisio.