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Concepts of Opportunity

By: Steve Tanner, Arylessence
Posted: August 11, 2009, from the August 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Winning fragrances are at the heart of our existence. Without a winning fragrance, a company’s ability to succeed in the marketplace is greatly diminished. As creators of fragrances, we never assume that scent plays a minor supporting role in the life of a brand.

We have seen example after example where the consumer’s belief in the critical efficacy of a product is dramatically enhanced by the right fragrance—and reduced by an alternative. The right fragrance reinforces efficacy and elevates all the positive attributes of a brand. Fragrance is a marketing multiplier. Today, our clients expect us, as a fragrance-maker, to contribute to the brand’s overall success.

To achieve that, we know that participating in the brand’s sensory strategy moves everything forward faster. Becoming involved in strategic decisions is a major leadership objective for our teams. Understanding the brand’s consumer profile and competitive positioning helps us streamline fragrance development, push the envelope creatively and fast track the creation of winning solutions.

We also know from experience that fragrance innovation isn’t a function of the number of people assigned to the task. Innovation comes from smart people who have great ideas. If you have smart people, you will invent great ideas.

Our natural fruit essences, for example, established a new standard for true fruit fragrances. These were developed by our own perfumers working in partnership with a small entrepreneurial firm in Atlanta. Our new DeoEssence fragrances reconfigure malodors and leave behind a fresh, natural ambience, while routinely outperforming the consumer brand leader in side-by-side testing. This innovation was developed in our laboratories by our highly experienced science and technology team. Interestingly, our ingredient buyers and quality control and certification team found a way for us to achieve extraordinary creativity and versatility in 100% organic fragrances.