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Concepts of Opportunity

By: Steve Tanner, Arylessence
Posted: August 11, 2009, from the August 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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As we develop these initiatives, we aren’t thinking about ourselves. We are focused on developing sustainable competitive advantages for our clients’ brands. That’s our primary motivation. When we achieve that, we are winning.

Organizational Leadership

As everyone knows, businesses are confronting enormous pressures in today’s economy. In beauty, manufacturers aren’t just dealing with the power of retailers—they are responding to consumers who want more choices and greater authenticity in natural, organic and sustainable products.

Also, industry-wide sustainability initiatives are putting pressure on raw materials pricing and ingredient sourcing. Regulatory issues continue to challenge responsible marketers in the U.S., the European Union and around the world. And because multiple ingredients are involved—both naturals and man-made molecules—fragrance has become an integral part of this changing environment and a regulatory target.

Just as anything that touches our clients touches us, we cannot ignore these factors. As a company, we must respond, and as a company is how we respond. To provide leadership for our clients, we are applying more resources, more expertise and more knowledge to our business than ever before in our history.

Part of this is the natural, ongoing expansion of our core competencies—including fragrance design, marketing, quality and safety. A concept that we call “living change” is also at work. As a competitive organization, we must never remain static. We must keep moving and continuing to evolve. If we stop, you are in trouble. Maintaining forward momentum keeps us ahead of the issues and aiming high.