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Creating Effective Natural Fragrances

By: Helen Feygin, Intuiscent
Posted: June 1, 2007

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• natural personal care products are safer than those that contain synthetics

• natural personal care products will maintain and improve one’s health

• natural products are safer to use in the long term and have fewer severe side effects

It can be persuasively argued that these beliefs reflect an emotional rather than a scientific approach to natural personal care products. The fact remains, though, that emotion leads to action, while logic simply leads to conclusions. Consumers cast their vote by buying natural products, which they feel earn their trust.

The Challenges of Natural Fragrance Formulation
Given that natural personal care products have taken a firm grip on the market and that formulas will move from having some natural ingredients to being “all natural,” it is clear that natural fragrances are not a fad, but rather a steadily growing phenomenon. Natural fragrances create a beautiful aura easily recognizable to consumers. The success of brands like L’Occitane and Lush is to a great extent based on the quality of their natural fragrances. Increasingly, perfumers are facing the task of creating 100% natural fragrances. This seemingly easy task in reality poses quite a few problems. The natural smelling fragrance needs to reflect a perception of naturalness that fits the image of a consumer who is concerned with wellness. Thus, it is not enough to use orange oil for an orangescented product.