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FiFi Awards: Breakthroughs in Fragrance Creation

By: Jeb Gleason-Allured
Posted: June 3, 2010, from the June 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Miriad 2.0 by Givaudan

Givaudan’s submission seeks to capitalize on emerging opportunities of the 21st century, namely developing markets; a vast and democratic Internet environment in which consumers openly exchange insights; and increasingly sophisticated tools for gathering; analyzing and acting upon data in real time. Labeled a “knowledge management tool,” Miriad 2.0 represents an expansion of the company’s interactive program, which supports fragrance creation for fine fragrance, personal, fabric and home care applications.

The expansion focuses on three general areas:

  1. BlogTrek “tracks the buzz and sentiments [about fine fragrance] that are exchanged between early adaptors and passionate perfume users daily.” The technology collates popular opinion by “harvesting comments” for application in increasingly predictive marketing applications.
  2. As part of its effort to gather localized data around the world, Givaudan’s expanded platform has widened its focus on increasingly important developing markets. Using its Anthropoligist’s Nose system, the company is examining how local tastes and customs affect fragrance performance and overall fragrance relevance, with the goal of inspiring new, well-targeted products. According to the company, “teams ensure on-the-ground connection with local markets [by] capturing opinions, experiences and associations with fragrance and observing consumer behavior when buying and using products.” This information is fed into Givaudan’s databases for application in fragrance design. In addition, its Scent Tracking Across Regions (Web STAR) Web platform employs proprietary metrics to identify global category leaders and olfactive preferences worldwide. The technology uses 10 “visualization techniques”—Motion Analytics—to analyze data that will be used to steer fragrance creation.
  3. Givaudan has grown its platform’s mission to encompass conceptual positioning, proactive initiatives and new raw material testing with consumers. Perfume Pulse represents a database of consumer feedback on fragrance materials collected over 15 years, helping formulators to rethink how consumers around the world use and understand olfactive terminology. Also, the technology includes Perfume Pub, which tracks consumer feedback on brand advertising, including in developing markets. The technology allows formulators to draw conclusions on the “impact of economic environment on overall preference.”

Jungle Essence by Mane

Mane’s Jungle Essence technology employs an in situ device featuring a liquefied, odorless, recyclable gas extraction that “fully analyzes” source materials, allowing formulators to create new fragrances with the “total olfactive fidelity” of the original product. The process aims to discover new olfactive facets for all applications categories. This small, portable technology requires no external energy source and can trap the scent and taste of items as diverse as fruit and candy.